Learning a language has never been easier with VR learning modules allowing you to practice English in a way which integrates experiential learning for better recall!
Have a chat in a restaurant, or hurry to your job interview via taxi and all from your phone—anywhere, any time.

* App requirement for android
• Android 6 and above
• Gyroscope sensor


# Our Learning Process
      By integrating listening, reading, sentence structure, vocabulary and AI speechbots, learners are provided a comprehensive way to practicing English in a more natural environment.

      Practice in 10 everyday situations,which allow you to build speaking confidence in a range of topics including Travel, Job Interviews, Sales, & MORE.

      VRSpeech allows users to familiarize themselves with important vocabulary in Learning Mode, and build confidence and mastery of use in the unique Situation Mode.

      Enjoy using language, building confidence, and experience the world as you see fit in one of 10 engaging and useful situations, including:

-The Restaurant: Meet with your friend Bella to enjoy a scrumptious meal.

-The Interview: Time for a new job! In the interview scenario your skills to present yourself and prove your worth will be put to the test, but don’t worry, our helpful UI will push you in the right direction.

-The Presentation: Now it’s time to make money. Practice presentation skills while presenting your company's products, and negotiating services with customers all while playing and enjoying the setting.

- And many more!

How you learn

Through the immersive, interactive, and intuitive environments now available in VR, learning and practicing is as simple as speaking and using situational cues to reinforce learned vocabulary and knowledge.

All you have to do is:
1. Open the applications
2. Select a situation
3. Begin conversing with our friendly NPCs.

Two MODES of Practice in VR
Learning Mode
For those who want to get their feet wet with vocabulary and structures specific to a situation, we have Learning mode—its easy and learns about your learning rate!
Conversation Mode
After you hone your skills in learning mode, test your pronunciation in conversations with friendly chatbot friends who provide you real time feedback and scoring.

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About us

# Our Learning Process
      We pulls together over 10 years of language-teaching experience and cutting-edge technologies such as VR and Machine Learning to revolutionize the way in which learners approach language. With our passion to leverage technology for learners at hand, our team seeks to realize our dream in which language and professional training are more easily accessible for all. VR Speech makes used of virtual environments, friendly characters, and speech analysis models to provide learners with a unique and meaningful experience.

      Through generous support from the TED FUND as a part of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Thailand, we were able to realize our visions of a product which can be integrated in Hybrid Platforms of language learning.

NOT only VR, We are SPEECH !

• Expansions will involve adding languages learners want, e.g. Mandarin, French, German, and Japanese

• Develop our system to run on further platforms that aren’t limited to VR, but rather leverage Speech Analysis technologies so as to practice speech.

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